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Neurofeedback, also called neurotherapy or EEG biofeedback, refers to a computer-aided training method in which electrical brain activity patterns are made visible to the client through a highly specialized computer program. The feedback – what the brain is doing, in real-time- is presented in the form of visual or auditory cues, aiming at creating efficient, coherent brain activity patterns, while discouraging unwanted ones.

Neurofeedback is an effective, evidence-based, safe approach to address a vast array of psychological, emotional and medical symptoms.

Clinical evidence and clinical studies on the effectiveness of NF have been conducted in the following areas

Linear Neurofeedback

In addition to NeurOptimal dynamical neurofeedback, MindHub Neurotherapy also offers linear, or classical, Neurofeedback. The therapist, after performing a short electroencephalogram (QuickQ) to spot areas of inefficiency in brain activity, defines a training protocol based on the QuickQ results. Classic neurofeedback helps retrain the brainwaves to optimal levels and to address symptoms associated with specific inefficiencies in brain electrical activity. The QuickQ test can be offered as a stand-alone assessment or in conjunction with brain training. In case you are interested in this opportunity, let’s have a talk to determine the most suitable use of the QuickQ based on your needs.
At MindHub NT, we use Nexus10 for linear neurofeedback. Nexus10 is a Medical CE certified (IIa), FDA registered (II) device.


Biofeedback is a method for visualising and training usually unconscious physiological processes, such as respiration, muscle tension, heart rate, galvanic skin conductance and peripheral temperature. The goal is to gain long-term self-regulation and control over physiological activity to improve health and performance. Research shows that biofeedback, by itself or combined with other behavioral therapies, is effective for treating a range of medical and psychological disorders, often related to stress and anxiety. Please refer to the Association for Applied Psychophysiology and Biofeedback (AAPB) for a review of efficacy ratings.

Biofeedback advantages:
  • Creating awareness of physiological processes
  • Active role and participation of the client
  • Visualize effects of different thoughts, feelings and sensations
  • Non-pharmacological and non-invasive
  • Holistic approach of body and mind
  • Recognized by Swiss complementary insurances (ASCA)
The Biofeedback loop
Measure : Identifying the cause of the physiological misbalances of the client and setting the treatment plan.
Gain awareness : Visualising one or more physiological signals and showing the close interrelationship between mind and body.
Optimise : Optimizing the mind-body interface with real time audio-visual feedback based on the physiological state.
Monitor : Analysing physiological effects and results of one or multiple sessions.

Source: Mind Media | Neuro and Biofeedback Systems


Dr. Valdeane Brown and Dr. Susan C. Brown, Zengar Institute founders, have developed a non-linear, dynamical system that monitors and reacts to a broad EEG spectrum from both brain hemispheres simultaneously. Neuroptimal® is designed to detect turbulence – sudden changes in the brain electrical activity – and to react to it while the client listens to music in relaxed state. When turbulence is detected, the software informs the brain about its own activity through a brief interruption in the music flow. The brain, through this real-time mirroring of its own activity, will soon start to recognize that its turbulence triggers the interruptions and will start to reorganize itself towards more appropriate, more effective patterns. Brain training with NeurOptimal® can help the brain reach its optimal potential, improving cognitive and physical performance, enhancing focus and deepening sleep. Neurofeeback clients typically report feeling calmer, clearer, happier and able to function better in their life.
What happens during a brain training session?
During a NeurOptimal® brain training session, two small sensors are placed on your scalp and ear clips are attached to your ears. Through these sensors, the system can detect incoherent brainwave activity patterns within sixteen different sets of frequencies across the right and left-brain hemispheres. While sitting on a comfortable chair, you’ll listen to music or watch a movie *. Through barely audible pauses in the music (or sound in case you are watching a movie), NeurOptimal® communicates with the brain, letting it know what it has just done. These interruptions give the opportunity to the brain to self-correct into a more natural, relaxed and effective pattern. A NeurOptimal® neurofeedback session lasts 33 minutes. At the end of the session you can immediately resume all your activities. You might feel refreshed, relaxed, and in a higher state of mental alertness and flow.

*If you wish to use movies, please bring your own DVD.

NeurOptimal® is a training, not a treatment. Consequently, NeurOptimal® does not require diagnosis or treatment planning. You should be under the care of a physician for any medical disorder.

NeurOptimal® is the system of choice for the “on the go” option.


The first consultation is free of charge. After the first consultation, the following rates apply:

EEG analysis 180.- CHF
Stress test 180.- CHF
1 single Neurofeedback or Biofeedback session 140.- CHF
5-session package
(available only for Biofeedback, inclusive of stress test)
600.- CHF
10-session package 1200.- CHF
20-session package 2000.- CHF

The packages are not refundable; however, they can be transferred. Please call at least 24 hours in advance to avoid charges.

I am recognized by complementary health insurances, according to the guidelines of the ASCA Foundation and the Neurofeedback Organisation Schweiz (NOS). Please talk to your insurance directly to check whether your plan covers my services.

About Me

  • – Neurofeedback – Biofeedback Diploma- Institut für Neurofeedback und Biofeedback, Zürich
  • – MSc in Education – Indiana University – Purdue University, USA
  • – BS in Psychology – Indiana University East, USA
  • – BA in Pedagogy – University of Parma, Italy

We are recognized by complementary health insurances, according to the guidelines of the ASCA Foundation and the Neurofeedback Organisation Schweiz (NOS).

I am fluent in Italian, English and French and I have an excellent command of the German language.

Other: -Certified to administer and interpret various psychometric assessment tools (MBTI, Hogan, Firo-B) and SCOAP coach (neuroscience-based coaching method)

Company Info

MindHub Neurotherapy GmbH, Reg. No CH- is a company with limited liability, registered under the Swiss law with legal seat in the Canton of Schwyz, Switzerland.

Our office is located

Dorfstrasse 49 8805 Richterswil (Tuesday to Friday)
Lintheschergasse 21, 8801 Zurich (Monday)
+ 41 79 869 04 09

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